How to Create a Facebook Business Manager Account


How to Create a Facebook Business Manager Account

Are you a business owner and want to leverage Facebook’s social media business features? Well, you’re not alone. In this article, we will attempt to answer some of the most frequently asked questions by you and other business owners, such as:

  • “What’s the difference between a Facebook profile and a Facebook page?
  • “What’s Facebook Business Manager and why do I need it?
  • “How do I set up Business Manager in Facebook?”
  • “What would be the best way to create a Facebook business manager account?”

So let’s get started and help you in setting up Facebook business!

FB Profile vs FB Page

A Facebook Profile is a personal account and is used by an individual for personal activities such as communicating with friends, posting, and liking/commenting on others’ posts.

A Facebook Page is for companies and brands who will use Facebook for professional marketing purposes. For this reason, you can only run an ad account on your Facebook Page, and not on a Facebook profile.

What is FB Business Manager? Why use it?

Facebook Business Manager is the next step for businesses who plan to leverage Facebook for their business. Business Manager functions as a centralized control system where you can create and manage everything about your business assets, tools, and user access.

We highly recommend you set up Business Manager, if you have:

  • A business or service point with multiple clients, multiple ad accounts and ad campaign reporting requirements. Since 2018, Facebook has made it compulsory for businesses to use Business Manager if any of their accounts use custom audiences from email lists.
  • A relatively bigger team spread across different locations.
  • You own a defined target audience that you want to reach out to using marketing campaigns to increase sales.
  • Multiple web properties and blogs.

When you create your Facebook Business Manager account, you need to associate a business page with the Facebook Manager. Please note that if you don’t have a Facebook Page or Facebook Ads Manager to use for your Facebook advertising campaigns, Business Manager will let you create one.

Business Manager is a completely separate workspace and does not interfere with your personal Facebook profile. In fact, Facebook let’s you create a business account even if you don’t own a personal profile.

How to create a Facebook Business Manager account

Creating a Business Manager Account

  • Log in to
  • Click on “Create Account.”
  • Enter business name, your name and email ID which you will use to operate this account.
  • Add your business details.
  • Click “Confirm” and check your email for the confirmation of account creation.
  • In the email, click on “Confirm now”. Now your account is ready to go!

One thing to keep in mind: Although every business is not required to be verified on Facebook, without verifying it, you won’t be able to use certain features. Check here to see if you need to verify your business.

Verifying your Business Details

Now, go to business settings → Business Info. Check “Business Verification Status” Under “Business Details”. If it says “unverified”, it means you will know you need to verify your business details.

To verify your business details:

  • Click on “View details”. It will take you to the security center.
  • The third tab is “Business Verification”.
  • Click “continue” and start verifying business details.
  • Follow the directions and enter the email ID when asked.
  • You should receive a 5-digit code in your email inbox, enter that code as the last step and click “Submit”.
  • This should complete the verification process.

Verify your domain

In some cases, if you may find the “Business Verification” button greyed out, thus making you unable to take any action. In this case, you must first verify your business domain before verifying your business details. You can do this with one of two methods:

  • Go to Business Settings → Brand Safety → Domain. Here you will find instructions on two methods for verifying a domain:
    1. HTML file upload, or
    2. DNS TXT record.

    Follow the instructions to get your domain verified.

  • Once your domain is verified, you can begin to verify you business details from the “Business Verification” page.

Please note that domain verification and business verification are two different things. While business verification is required to request access certain Facebook products and developer features, domain verification lets you claim the content privileges when you prove your ownership for a domain.


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