MarketSnare: A Local SEO Tool for Multi-location Businesses


MarketSnare: A Local SEO Tool for Multi-location Businesses

Are you a business that wants to market to multiple local markets but not sure how to do so effectively? You need MarketSnare.

MarketSnare is a multi-location marketing, enterprise-grade web solution that helps businesses to beef up their local search engine optimization and presence through a central interface that incorporates creation, management, and localization of content.

Before adopting MarketSnare for our clients, we were forced to execute these kinds of campaigns manually. In fact, one of our clients was attempting to build a local presence in 16 markets and we spent over 1000 hours manually producing content and driving leads to complete this endeavor.

With MarketSnare, we can cut that time by 80%. 

MarketSnare helps to automate local search campaigns and scale content production for clients with multiple locations and build unique content, tailored to each geographic region.

Their solution works just as well for a local network of staffing agencies as it does for a nationwide enterprise.

Today we’re going to share how MarketSnare helps us automate and scale our local SEO services for clients. Let’s get started!

8 Reasons We Use MarketSnare To Help Our Clients Improve Local SEO

1. We can build local websites at scale

We use the MarketSnare marketing automation tool to help our multi-location clients create a network of local websites that increase market visibility and local search rankings within a specific city or region.

2. We can manage business listings and location directories

With MarketSnare we can help our clients to grow and manage their citations across all locations to ensure that the NAP (Name, Address, and Phone #) of each of their locations is consistent everywhere online. We can also create enhanced location directories with highly personalized, market-specific content that has high local relevance. This helps our clients to increase their local visibility, improve search ranking, and convert more traffic.

3. We can manage local reviews and engage with reviewers

We can handle review management through the MarketSnare local marketing automation platform. From their central dashboard, we can respond to and engage with users on review sites, in a timely manner, to help our clients build and improve their reputation and authority.

4. We can create local landing pages at scale

We also use the marketing platform to increase conversions through the creation of targeted landing pages that visitors find through Google or other search engines. We can customize, A/B test, and track the performance of our content marketing solutions, in real-time, directly through MarketSnare’s central dashboard and optimize them as we go.

5. We can utilize local, digital advertising

MarketSnare allows us to create targeted digital marketing ads quickly and efficiently without the time consumption and level of complexity that we typically experience when creating numerous multi-location ad campaigns.

6. We can manage social media for each of our clients’ local pages

We can also centrally manage social media marketing for each of our clients’ locations with MarketSnare. This helps us to ensure brand consistency in messaging while also maintaining engagement with our clients’ audiences at a local level. MarketSnare supports social media management of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

7. We create conduct targeted email marketing and lead nurture

We can create highly effective email marketing and lead nurturing campaigns with location-specific messaging and offers. Furthermore, we can schedule the delivery of emails in the appropriate time zone for each of our clients’ markets.

8. We can utilize MarketSnare’s multi-location CRM

Unlike other marketing automation platforms that don’t include a CRM, MarketSnare’s CRM allows us to scale data intelligence and create events, triggers, and tasks that give us the best outcome possible for each of our clients’ local campaigns.

MarketSnare Pricing And Features

MarketSnare offers a truly robust solution and automates much of the local SEO business processes. In addition to all of the helpful capabilities listed above, MarketSnare’s features can be summarized as follows:

  • Centralized Control of Local SEO
  • Brand and Legal Compliance
  • Scalable Localization and Personalization of Content
  • Enterprise Extensibility
  • Third-Party and Custom Integrations
  • Local Organic Visibility
  • Hyper-Local Digital Ad Management
  • Lead Management & Nurturing
  • Local Engagement & Reputation
  • Local Marketing Intelligence

MarketSnare offers a flexible pricing model to meet each customer’s unique needs and is determined on a case-by-case basis.

MarketSnare Pros & Cons


  • Scalability

MarketSnare is the first tool we’ve encountered that is geared toward multi-location marketers that need to scale their local SEO strategy and be able to quickly and efficiently build numerous local presences.

  • Outstanding Customer Service

The professionals at MarketSnare are hands-on and committed to helping us be successful for each of the clients that we serve using their platform. They are always available to answer questions and helped us build our first couple of campaigns until we got our feet wet with their tool.

  • Centralized, User-Friendly Dashboard

When it comes to clients that may have hundreds of locations, local SEO management can quickly become impossible to manage. With MarketSnare, we have a central access point where we can manage each of our client’s local campaigns and see our progress and performance analytics in real-time, anytime we want.


  • Pricing 

As an enterprise tool with advanced functionality, startups and small to midsize businesses will likely find MarketSnare to be too expensive for them. If that’s the case for you, we can recommend a MarketSnare alternative that we love that is better for small businesses. Take a look at our Hike SEO review.

  • Not Ideal for Small Businesses

Similar to the previous point, MarketSnare is an enterprise-grade tool. It’s likely that smaller businesses with fewer locations or who are just getting started building their local SEO program will be happy starting with a tool like Hike.

  • Requires Human Capital

While MarketSnare offers a robust, powerful tool to help you supercharge your local SEO program, it will also, unfortunately, require some human capital on your part to learn and utilize the tool for each of your locations. If you don’t have the resources available, consider hiring a marketing partner, like Interrupt Media, that can come alongside your organization and help you implement a strong local marketing program.


MarketSnare is one of the best platforms available to build, optimize, and scale marketing programs across many locations.

MarketSnare lets us centrally manage local marketing programs for our multi-location clients with the same amount of effort as we would for a single location! The best part? MarketSnare’s capabilities can be scaled across tens, hundreds, or even thousands of local presences.

If you’re interested in scaling your local SEO campaigns and would like a digital partner to help you execute a winning strategy for each of your locations, please contact us today.


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