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In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, keeping pace with emerging trends and optimizing your online footprint is crucial for measurement companies whether your product is a business intelligence tool, visualization dashboard, data analytics or predictive analytics tool.

Interrupt Media specializes in providing comprehensive digital marketing solutions for:

  • Measurement and BI companies
  • Designed to boost your brand
  • Drive tangible results

Our measurement and BI industry solutions are tailored to your specific needs, incorporating essential components such as SEO, public relations, content marketing, and more.

We understand the importance of a well-rounded strategy that combines various marketing channels and tactics to achieve your goals.

Data-Driven Marketing Solutions for the BI/Measurement Industry

Demand Generation and Performance Marketing

Integrate SEO into your marketing strategies to generate interest and foster demand for your BI solutions. Our seasoned team focuses on:

  • Paid Search and PPC:

    Elevate your website’s standing with our comprehensive keyword investigation and link-building initiatives. Our pay-per-click and SEO methodologies facilitate maximum marketing ROI for your digital marketing efforts.

  • Establishing Strategic Alliances:

    Align with leading service providers and influencers in the domain of social media marketing to enrich your marketing blueprint. We assist you in building partnerships that accelerate new customer growth.

  • Organic SEO:

    Climb the search engine ranks and allure more clients with our SEO tactics. From on-page SEO to technical SEO to local SEO, our services will fuel your brand’s visibility.

Marketing Operations and Automation

Revitalize your email marketing campaigns and streamline operations leveraging automation. Key offerings in this realm include:

  • Google Ads & Optimization:

    Utilize the power of Google Ads and data-driven insights to make informed decisions. We ensure an optimized user experience and functionality in your PPC campaigns, leading to increased conversion rates.

  • Email Marketing:

    With our in-house mavens in web design and content creation, we’ll facilitate the crafting of top-tier email marketing campaigns that resonate with your target audience. Then our MOPs experts will use CRM integration with your marketing automation platform to drive attribution for top performing and converting campaigns.

  • Web Design:

    Our web development team, skilled in crafting web apps and implementing WordPress website design, stands ready to uplift your digital presence, whether it’s a website refresh or a completely custom software suite.

Content Marketing and Sales Enablement

Engage your audience with superior content marketing solutions and empower your sales team with potent marketing tools.

  • Case Studies and Success Stories:

    Our content marketing team will construct engaging narratives underlining your proficiency and value to clients. These narratives, supplemented with data visualization, act as compelling tools in your marketing channels.

  • LinkedIn & Social Media Marketing Campaigns:

    Our interactive approach to LinkedIn and social media management ensures your brand’s prominence on these platforms. We engineer digital marketing campaigns that escalate important metrics such as website traffic and conversion rates.

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