No More Déjà vu: How to Get Rid of your Database Duplicates

As a marketing executive, you know that having accurate and up-to-date customer information is critical to the success of your campaigns and the generation of revenue.

However, with so much data being collected and stored, it’s difficult to keep track of it all and ensure its accuracy. This is where the importance of database hygiene comes into play, particularly in ridding your database of pesky duplicates.

Duplicate records and duplicate rows in a database can have a significant negative impact on your marketing efforts and overall revenue growth.

In this quick reference tutorial, we’ll show you how to properly delete these duplicates, improve your database quality, and achieve your business goals.

What Are Database Duplicates and Why Are They a Problem?

Database duplicates, or duplicate values, refer to two or more records in a database that contains the same information. This can happen for various reasons, such as manual data entry errors, merging of databases, or duplicated entries from different sources.

Regardless of the cause, duplicates in a database can have several negative consequences, including:

  • Wasted resources: Duplicates in a database lead to the inefficient use of resources, such as time and money, which could be better spent in other areas of the business.
  • Decreased efficiency: When duplicates exist in a database, it can make it difficult to accurately track customer interactions and target them with the right content marketing.
  • Lower ROI: Incorrect data in a database can negatively affect the ROI of marketing campaigns, as they may not reach the intended audience or have the desired effect.
  • Decreased customer satisfaction: Duplicates in a database can also result in duplicated messages being sent to the same customer, which can harm the customer experience and damage the brand.

How to Identify and Remove Duplicate Records

Data duplicates can have a major negative impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

To prevent this, it is crucial to regularly clean and maintain your customer database. Here are several methods to help you get rid of duplicates in your CRM or customer data management tool:

  1. Manually review records: This is a time-consuming method, but it is still an effective way to identify duplicates. Reviewing records one by one can help you see duplicates and make the necessary updates.
  2. Use data deduplication tools: Many customer data management tools come equipped with data deduplication capabilities, and there are also standalone software options available. These tools can quickly identify duplicates and help you merge them.
  3. Implement processes to prevent duplicates: Creating a process to prevent duplicates from being added to your database is crucial. This can include verifying information before adding it, standardizing the way data is entered, and regularly auditing your database for duplicates.
  4. Regularly clean and maintain your database: Regularly cleaning and maintaining your database can help you identify and remove duplicates before they become a major problem. This includes regularly reviewing and updating information, as well as using data deduplication tools.
  5. Consider outsourcing database cleansing: Working with a company that specializes in data management can help you identify and remove duplicates, update incorrect information, and add additional data points to your records. This can help improve targeting and personalization, and ultimately increase your revenue.

Regular maintenance, implementing processes to prevent duplicates, and utilizing data deduplication tools are all effective ways to get rid of duplicates. Consider working with a marketing operations expert to ensure your database remains clean and accurate.

How Interrupt Media Can Help You Get Rid of Your Database Duplicates

Interrupt Media can help you improve your database quality and achieve your business goals through:

  • Audit and assessment: Our team will review your current database to identify areas for improvement, including duplicates, and provide recommendations for improvement.
  • Data cleansing: We can help you remove duplicates, update incorrect information, and fill in missing data to ensure that your database is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Data enrichment: We can assist with adding additional data points to your records, such as job titles or interests, to improve targeting and personalization.
  • Ongoing support: We can provide ongoing support to ensure that your database remains clean and accurate, and help you achieve your business goals.

Duplicate records in a database can have a significant negative impact on your marketing efforts and overall revenue. Interrupt Media has the expertise to help you improve your database quality and achieve your business goals.

Learn more about our performance marketing services or if you’re ready to take your go to market strategy to the next level, chat with a strategist.